Excellent Quality Red Capsicums


Red Capsicums from Bundaberg have started this week, and quality is excellent. With the heat lately, a few veggie lines have spiked in price such as both cauliflower & broccoli.

Trust Your Bananas


Mangoes, cherries & peaches are a little firmer in price today. But the old staple, bananas, are the value but in fruit. Broccoli has peaked in price also, and will ease next week. All tomatoes lines are great price, just in time for the summer salads this weekend.

Bananas Are Sliding Through The Market


Bananas are a go this week, with huge numbers hitting the market. Roma Tomatoes & Truss Tomatoes are easing in price, with many stores running specials. Keep a look out for Choice Cherries, they are excellent eating right now.

Cheap And Tasty!!!

truss tomatoes

Tomatoes are very cheap and tasty. R2E2 mangoes are also very cheap and sweet. Fill up your trolley!

Red Seedless Grapes Are Hitting The Floor


Look out! Australian red seedless grapes are hitting the markets this week.

Good Eating Cherries


Good eating cherries are about, but on the dear side. Bananas are also on the dear side. Grab a seedless watermelon this weekend, to quench the summer thirst. In vegetable, eggplant are great on the BBQ and are a real value.

The Spice Life


Silverbeet Spinach is lighter in supply and we are sourcing stock from Queensland to fill the void. Have you tried an R2E2 Mango? There is heaps on the market floor today & why not spice up your life with an array of hot & mild Chillies. They come in all shapes & sizes, as well […]

Red Sweet Capsicums Are In Today


Red Capsicums from South Australia are now starting and have a very sweet flavour. Snow Peas & Asparagus are really great value this week.

Great Value On The Floor


Cherries, Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines there all here today in great supply and now the eating quality is fantastic! Broccoli and Cauliflower are all value buts this week. And glass house grown Roma Tomatoes are at their best.

Glorious Summer Fruits In Abundance


Wow, there are thousands of Australian Apricots at the market today. Also, today sees our heaviest intake of Peaches & Nectarines so far this season. Mangoes are also in heavy supply too.