Cheap Cheap


Tomatoes are very cheap at the moment, so fill your trolley at Your Local Greengrocer.

Short Supply Created By Cold Snap


The cold snap has shortened supply of Capsicums, Zucchini & Pineapples. On the up side all Lettuce varieties, as well as Cucumbers and Tomatoes, have fallen in price.

Price Rollercoster At The Market

truss tomatoes

Gourmet Tomatoes are falling in price and will do so again tomorrow as well. The cold snap has shortened supply of Capsicums and prices will increase in the next few days

A New Day, A New Boost In Produce

Fresh tropical food, healthy avocado fruit

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Today, we see a greater number of peaches on the floor, and are tasting better. Western Australian Avocados are here, with a great creamy texture. And Bananas are a real treat this week too.

Action Packed Activities At The Market


Truss Tomatoes have crashed in price today, with prices down by 30% on last week. Lebanese Cucumbers are also a value buy, as are Cos Lettuce. Fresh Asparagus is in full swing now with many stores running specials. With the hot weather, demand for Seedless Watermelon has seen that market firm.

Great Value For The Weekend


Look for specials in Bananas over the weekend, as there are some good value lines out there. Avocados are starting to ease in price, with good supplies arriving from Western Australia. And Lebannese Cucumbers are also at a great value this weekend. Don’t forget to get your fix of Navel Oranges, which are still good […]

Mother Nature At Work, Some Produce Are In Short Supply


A few lines around the market have tightened up this morning including Zucchini, Red Capsicums & Iceburg Lettuce. In fruit, Pineapples this week are also in short supply.

Oh Dear


With the end of the Queensland vegetable season fast approaching & the local (Sydney Basin) & Victorian season a few weeks away from full production, you may find some lines a little dearer such as zucchini, capsicums & broccoli.

More Mangoes Are Here!!!

kp mango 240 pix

R2E2 Mangoes are looking good this week, and prices will ease as more arrive. Tomatoes prices remain firm, as are Truss & Roma varieties. Iceburg lettuce from Victoria & Hay have arrived and are set for a great season. With warm growing conditions most leafy vegetables are also a great pick this week.

The NRL BBQ Essentials.

Fresh tropical food, healthy avocado fruit

No relief on Avocados yet, but the Western Australian Avocados will be here in numbers in 2 weeks time. Topless pineapple are a treat and at a great value in most of your Local Greengrocer stores. Don’t forget your onions for the NRL BBQ this weekend, it’s always a staple. And while you’re at the […]