Experience The Greatness Of Lychees


Summer is just full of great eating fruits, take Lychees for an example, full of sweet juice and a soft white flesh. They’re a refreshing healthy treat, and they are at their peak right now.

Pumpkins And Onions, What A Wonderful Thing


Jap pumpkins & brown onions are a staple, part of the family meal and are a great buy this week. Peaches & nectarines, from Victoria, are also good eating & cheap. And if your partial to the pineapple, there are a lot of smaller sized fruit about which eat just as good as the larger […]

Melons Are The Pick Of The Day


Loads of rockmelons & honeydew melon from Hay, NSW, are on the armed floor this week and they eat great too. Some veggie lines are a little dearer with the heat effecting crops in Victoria, but checkout cauliflower & eggplant for the value pick of the week.

Rock the Rock Melon This Weekend!


Rock melons are our pick for the weekend! There is great eating fruit coming from Hay NSW & South Australia. Prices are low so why not load up this weekend at your favourite Local Greengrocer

Greengrocers Picking up Bargains Galore at Markets


Which means you will pick up bargains galore at Your Local greengrocer! Zucchinis, Broccoli, Green Capsicum, Corn, eggplant, Tomatoes and Mangoes all being pushed out at ridiculous prices on this last day of 2014. So pop into your local greengrocer for some great buys and… Have a happy new year!

It’s All ABout Peaches and Nectarines This Week


There is loads of fruit coming from Sheperton in Victoria Quality is great & prices are low – see you at Your Local Greengrocer!

Christmas Is Here With Cherries & Mangoes


Busy day in the market this morning, with cherries & mangoes well sort after. Plenty of blueberries & raspberries available, and are always a favourite in Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all

Nature Has Affected Zucchinis


Zucchinis have gotten very dear today, with local crops still recovering from the recent heat & storms. Good news capsicums remain cheap and, so is locally grown corn.

Some Produce Are Firm In Price Today


Not many lychees around today and the market firmed in price. Tomatoes varieties continue to rise in price, as does wombok & iceburg lettuce

Tomatoes Are Firm, Capsicum And Bananas In Great Supply


Gourmet tomatoes & Roma tomatoes are on the improve with prices firming. Red capsicum are over supplied and are great quality as well. And don’t forget your bananas this weekend.