Aussie Produce at Great Prices


Fresh Australian grown asparagus is now in season and is at great prices through most retailers! We are still seeing tomato prices falling and they should level out early next week… Snow peas are also a value line; why not try them raw in a salad for a crunchy change? See you at Your Local […]

Down Down…


Tomato prices have fallen further this morning and will again later this week… Rockmelons from WA are great eating at the moment and why not try a yellow honey dew melon – see you at your local greengrocer!

Boom Crash Boom


Tomato prices are falling faster than Pollies at the ICAC inquiry and will continue to fall into next week! After a month of extreme prices Celery is becoming more affordable as warmer weather in growing areas has crops growing faster increasing supply on the market floor. Faster, Fresher Fairer – Only at your local greengrocer

Spring is Here!


Spring is here and the warmer weather means salads… Iceburg & Cos Lettuce are in great supply with many lines coming from the Sydney basin. Tomatoes are slowly easing in price as are cucumbers and for something different in fruit why not try a Star Apple !!! Very refreshing. See you at your local greengrocer […]

Value Veggies

Cucumber on White

Cucumbers lines remain very strong in price! Cauliflower, Beans & Zucchinis still remain the value pick of Vegetables…

Winter Veggies Better Value


There has been so much hype this week with the launch of the Mango Season… Congrats to everyone involved. But it’s not all that’s happening in produce in the markets : ) Celery and zucchini prices are set to fall. Tomatoes are expected to come down a little later next week. Cauliflower and Broccoli are […]

Tomato Prices Soaring

truss tomatoes

With tomato prices souring look at truss tomatoes or cherry tomatoes as an alternative. Cauliflower, Broccoli & Snow Peas are the value pick of veggie lines

Winter Berries Still Yummy


Winter Berries are still eating well and great value. Pop into your local greengrocer and pick some up.

Rain Rain Go Away

snake beans

Rain rain & more rain will see leafy veggie lines increase in price and quality may be an issue as well Tomatoes & Roma tomatoes are firmer in price with Beans also on the way up

Cucumber Lines are Stronger

Cucumber on White

All Cucumber lines are stronger this week with the traditional Aussie cucumber the cheapest of the bunch. Snow Peas are good quality and very affordable at the moment. Broccoli is also a good veggie buy at this time. See you at Your Local Greengrocer!