Great Value and Safe to Eat!


Buy Australian… Buy locally grown corn, eggplant & capsicums all in season, all value and all safe to eat! Grab some at Your Local Greengrocer.

Focus is on Rockmelons and Tomatoes

truss tomatoes

Rockmelons are lighter in supply at the moment so prices have firmed on them a little Quality Roma tomatoes are also up in price so look to truss Tomatoes for your value buy at Your Local Greengrocer.

Pineapples Firming, Corn and Cucumbers The Pick Today


Pineapple numbers in the markets are down with prices firming Locally grown corn remain at great value And continental cucumbers are as cheap as chips Ask your local greengrocer!

She Put In Her Thumb And Pulled Out A Plum

black-amber plum

There is an amazing array of great eating plum varieties in the markets at the moment. Speak to Your Local Greengrocer and don’t be afraid to try some new ones. We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how good they eat!

Loads of Fresh Value Today


Loads of value to be had at Your Local Greengrocer today! Zucchini , broccoli green capsicum & corn all falling in price Lettuce , cucumbers & tomatoes prices also down by 20% from early in the week Sadly Cauliflower & red capsicum have firmed a little Happy Chinese New Year everyone

Cucumbers’ Prices Are Low

cont cucumber

Lebanese cucumbers and continental cucumbers are at the lowest prices in months, great timing for your summer salads!

Grapes Are Real Sweet


Grapes from the sunrasia region in Victoria are in full swing. Thompson seedless are very sweet to eat and are priced right. Rockmelon are sweet and low in price.

Trust The Old Favourite


With this warm weather why not try an old favourite? Seedless & Tiger watermelon are a great taste of summer!

The Romance Of Cauliflower


It’s only appropriate being this close to valentines that we look at Cauliflower. At this time of the year, they are in plentiful supply from Bathurst & Victoria, & with their cousins Broccoli still very dear, it’s a great cheaper veggie alternative. Seedless grapes are still well supplied, as are new season pears.

Aussie Grown Garlic Are Here Now


Be sure and and check the country of origin when purchasing your Garlic, there is plenty of Australian Grown Garlic available right now! And for those with an exotic taste look at Longans from Nth Queensland, yum yum!