Real Value in Veggies at the Moment

Snow Peas lr

With such mild July weather how about a salad! Cos and Iceberg lettuce are great value at the moment. Gourmet tomato prices have eased as well! Snow peas and sugar Snaps have halved in price since last week as well. Pop into Your Local Greengrocer for these great buys.

Prices Easing For:


As predicted prices on Broccoli, Iceberg Lettuce and Zucchini are continuing fall with increasing supply.

A Good Supply In Mediterranean Flavours


The markets are currently enjoying a good supply of Fennel, Egg Plant and Artichoke for that exquisite Mediterranean taste. Pick some up at Your Local Greengrocer!

As The Cold Weather Eases So Do Prices


Prices are starting to ease on some veggie lines and this will continue through the week. We are now enjoying a better supply of Broccoli, Zucchini and Wombok. Iceberg lettuce is also easing in price.

Stir Fry Veggies Best Value


With the cold weather look for stir fry veggies for a good buy at the moment. For Example consider capsicums, onions, carrots & brushed potatoes. All these lines are reasonably priced as alternatives to the dearer vege lines due to short supply.

Quality and Value Great for Tomatoes

truss tomatoes

A lot of things are expensive at the moment due to the cold weather but tomatoes are not one of them and the quality is perfect so do yourself a favour today and buy a couple of kilo’s of tomatoes at your local greengrocer.

Record Cold Temperatures Shorten Supply


Record cold temperatures along the eastern seaboard have seen the supply of many vegetables very short in supply thus sending prices upwards . If your looking for value veggies at the moment consider Asian vegetables such as baby bok choy or choy sum. Silverbeet and spinach still remain a reasonable buy!

Early Mangoes only Moderate Eating

kp mango 240 pix

Early season Mangoes have arrived in the market. Be aware the eating quality is only moderate.

Iceberg Lettuce Prices Remain Low


Iceberg Lettuce and Celery prices are still down. A good buy right now at Your Local Greengrocer.

Capsicum Prices Down


Red & green capsicums are over supplied and are very very cheap!