Mandarins from Queensland at the start of the Season!


Sweet new season Queensland Imperial Mandarins are making an appearance at your local greengrocer today! Red capsicum and cauliflower prices are still firm, but watch this space as they’re likely to drop over the coming weekend! Iceberg lettuce from the Lockyer Valley has started to roll into the Sydney Markets, the quality is improving and […]

Green is go on Capsicum!


Red capsicum are at a premium right now so look towards their healthy brother; green capsicum for a cheaper tasty alternative! Cooler weather continues to slow the production of your favourite produce. Zucchini prices will firm due to the cold front.    

Cold weather sweeps over cauliflower, leaves citrus to ripen!

Cold weather is sweeping over Victoria and Bathurst, bringing the fall in cauliflower supply and raising their prices. Don’t despair though, as on a sweeter note Imperial mandarins are now available on the market floor! They’re looking ripe and delicious packed full of your daily vitamins! Pick some up at your local greengrocer!    

Stocking up on essentials for Easter

It’s almost Easter, and as always it’s time to stock up on essentials for those big family get togethers. You can’t go wrong with Lemons and Lebanese cucumbers as fantastic ingredients to any savoury dish. Both at great quality and even better prices!

Pomelo Fruit vs Zucchini Veggie!


Aussie Pomelo is in season now! If you haven’t tried it, now is a fantastic time to give it a go! It’s a citrus like fruit with a sweet and delicious yellow centre! Broccoli and cauliflower production has slowed in Victoria, meaning that prices will firm. But don’t despair! For the veggie lovers out there […]

Natures Cure For The Sweet Tooth!

Custard Apple

Beautiful Custard Apples on the market floor this morning. The sweet white fleshy fruit will cure the sweetest tooth… Pick some up at your local greengrocer!

Pineapples are packing a flavour punch!

A load of small pineapples on the market floor today, but don’t let their size fool you, these guys pack a flavour punch! At this taste and their size, they’re a fantastic value! Pick some up at your local greengrocer today!

Seedless grapes are at their ripest, waiting for you!

Roma tomatoes from Queensland are easing in price, with more and more arriving every day. Great quality seedless grapes are at their peak right now and they’re delicious, however prices may vary store to store.

Persimmon is shining through the markets this morning!


Persimmon is looking fantastic on the market floor today, soon to be hitting your local greengrocer! So head on down and pick up some of this delicious fruit today!

Have you tried steamed broccoli yet?

After many weeks of firm prices, broccoli is set to ease in the near future, making it a great time to rediscover this nutritional veggie! (Our suggestion is steaming them, it retains the nutrients AND the flavour!) Eggplants have also seen price drops, making them a great addition to the backyard barbie. So why not […]