Tomato Prices Soaring

truss tomatoes

With tomato prices souring look at truss tomatoes or cherry tomatoes as an alternative. Cauliflower, Broccoli & Snow Peas are the value pick of veggie lines

Winter Berries Still Yummy


Winter Berries are still eating well and great value. Pop into your local greengrocer and pick some up.

Rain Rain Go Away

snake beans

Rain rain & more rain will see leafy veggie lines increase in price and quality may be an issue as well Tomatoes & Roma tomatoes are firmer in price with Beans also on the way up

Cucumber Lines are Stronger

Cucumber on White

All Cucumber lines are stronger this week with the traditional Aussie cucumber the cheapest of the bunch. Snow Peas are good quality and very affordable at the moment. Broccoli is also a good veggie buy at this time. See you at Your Local Greengrocer!

Some Veggies Tightening in Price


A few veggie lines are in short supply and have firmed in price like red caps & zucchini However look at broccoli & cauliflower as your choice of veggie this week with prices remaining very low

Here’s an Update on Winter Berries


Blueberries are sweet and affordable at the moment…. They are coming mainly from the Coffs Harbour region. Raspberries are sweet though a little higher in price at the moment due to the cooler weather. Strawberries are the winner they’re cheap and great eating and they are coming in from Queensland ….. Pick some up from […]

Time For Some Pineapple


High-bred Topless Pines are in great supply and they are eating beautifully at the moment. Ask Your Local Greengrocer… While you’re there you’ll find Snow Peas, Broccoli and Cauliflower are great value – Enjoy.

Loving the Winter Citrus


Blood Oranges are in good supply

Winter Citrus Always A Favourite!


Winter citrus is always a favourite and Navel and Blood oranges are eating well. Continental & Lebanese cucumbers are firmer in price while Victorian celery is easing in price.

Warm UP Your Winter With Pumpkin Soup


It’s still very cold so it’s a great time for pumpkin soup! Don’t forget to add potato, carrots & onions they’re all great value And Jap Pumpkin is our pick of the week