Plenty of produce for everyone

There’s enough produce for everyone! That’s right, the great weather has meant that there’s an abundance of all kinds of varieties at Your Local Greengrocer. The only piece of produce that may be hard to find in good quality is the cherries from Tasmania, if you can find some, make sure to stock up!

Cherry, grape, mango and tomato lovers, we’ve got news for you!

With the new season come great quality grapes! Roma tomatoes are coming in from local areas. Cherries are a good value this week. There’s plenty of mangoes at Your Local Greengrocer, making it a great time to pick some up today!

A little something for the veggie lovers

Green capsicum and zucchini are here and in abundance. Local tomatoes from the Sydney Basin are arriving to shops now. Keep an eye for cherries coming in, they’re set to improve in size and flavour over the week.

Great value tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and kale

Roma tomatoes are at value prices this week. If you’re on the lookout for greens then kale is in plentiful supply. Keep an eye on broccoli and cauliflower as their prices are set to fall later in the week.

Bullhorn chilli, the bigger cousin of the standard chilli

Red and green bullhorn chilli are a tangy alternative to capsicum. They’re in good supply today on the market floor, keep an eye out for them at Your Local Greengrocer!

Apricots aplenty and keep an eye on broccoli

Apricots are a summer favourite and there’s a great supply of tasty apricots available this week. The recent hot weather has hampered the quality of broccoli, but keep an eye on it as this will recover quickly!  

Refresh your day with seedless watermelon!

Seedless watermelon from Bundaberg are arriving by the truck load, they’re a refreshing treat perfect for these hot days! Why not try some egg plant on the BBQ over the weekend? Prices are falling; making it a perfect time to grab some at Your Local Greengrocer!    

Tomatoes and red capsicum are a tasty choice!

You can’t go past truss tomatoes if you’re on the lookout for great value produce this week! Another red favourite is the red capsicum, their prices are set to ease as the week goes on!  

Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew… Potatoes!

Keep an eye out for some veggies this weekend, specifically zucchini, broad beans and artichokes. Their quality may be a little lower due to the recent weather in NSW. Look for cheaper alternatives such as celery, potatoes and pumpkins!

Plenty of stone fruit and zesty limes for everyone!

Stone fruit is a great value tasty choice this week, as the increased volume means prices have come down. Aussie cherries have arrived in style, keep an eye out for the quality due to the recent rains. Lemons have increased in price as they generally do around this time of the season, however limes are […]