Nature Has Affected Zucchinis


Zucchinis have gotten very dear today, with local crops still recovering from the recent heat & storms. Good news capsicums remain cheap and, so is locally grown corn.

Some Produce Are Firm In Price Today


Not many lychees around today and the market firmed in price. Tomatoes varieties continue to rise in price, as does wombok & iceburg lettuce

Tomatoes Are Firm, Capsicum And Bananas In Great Supply


Gourmet tomatoes & Roma tomatoes are on the improve with prices firming. Red capsicum are over supplied and are great quality as well. And don’t forget your bananas this weekend.

Bananas Are On Overload


Yes, we have lots of bananas, too many in fact and, they are real cheap this weekend. Also, rockmelons are a great value, so check them out at Your Local Greengrocer today!

Trusty Truss Tomatoes

truss tomatoes

Truss tomatoes are still the pick of the range for value & flavour Broccoli & cauliflower prices are moving upwards in price, As are some of the leafy greens vegetables

Try Some BBQ Veggies


It is BBQ time, so look at locally grown corn for a sweet & juicy change. Also try slicing egg plant and capsicum. These are all now available in good supply with prices low as well.

Peaches Nectarines Grapes YUM!


Peaches & Nectarines are at their peak right now, they eat great and prices are even better! New season Australian Seedless Grapes are also a great choice this week.

Strawberries Are Leading The Charge


Strawberries are good and cheap at the moment, coming from Adelaide and Victoria. Raspberries are also cheap and great quality, as they are coming from Tasmania. Blueberries are firm in price due to being between a few varieties from Coffs Harbour.

Prices Slip on Bananas


Banana prices are on the slide south. Queensland Rockmelons are great value, also the eating quality is excellent. Good value in Kale this week. Good quality Papaya is hard to find and prices are firm.

Awaiting For Mangoes From Queensland

kp mango 240 pix

Mangoes still remain firm in price due the Queensland fruit running 2 weeks later than usual. All veggie lines are well supplied but be careful with the quality, a lot of crops have been effected by the recent storms.