Eggplant and Iceberg lettuce are a great value choice!

Eggplant supplies from Bowen Queensland are arriving in full swing with prices falling rapidly. If you want great value eggplant, now is the perfect time to look at picking some up! Iceberg lettuce is another great value pick up due to heavier supplies coming in from the Lockey Valley. If you’re thinking of picking up […]

Tomatoes are a great choice, but not all tomatoes!

If you need to add some tomatoes to your next meal, we recommend cherry or truss tomatoes! They are a great value alternative to Roma and gourmet tomatoes which are currently strong in price.    

Beans and Zucchini are Value Veggies!

If you’re looking to add some veggies to your day, we recommend avoiding tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower as their prices are firming. For those wanting to get the most bang for your nutritional buck we suggest picking up some zucchini and beans instead, they’re the value pick this week!

Berries are in high demand coming up to Mother’s Day

Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are all in high demand due to Mother’s Day coming around the corner. Their numbers are being affected by the rains on the East Coast, so supply will be low! Be on the lookout as all berries are expensive for the coming weeks! But there’s a bright side to look forward to! With […]

Caution around Strawberries!

Just letting you know that Strawberries are a little expensive this week, and their quality isn’t reflective of the price. We recommend staying away from them until their prices drop and their quality improves. Keep your eyes peeled here for updates!

Broccoli goes up, while Cauliflower comes down!

Cooler conditions have not only brought down the temperature, but also the production of some vegetable lines such as zucchini & broccoli, their prices are set to rise. In sweeter news Mandarins are the pick of the fruit lines, so eat this great quality citrus while you still can! Now is the perfect time to get […]

Crisp Persimmon to be eaten like apples!

More persimmon

Great quality Fuyu Persimmon is arriving onto the market floor! Unlike the usual soft Persimmon that you’re used to, these have to be eaten like an apple, firm and crisp! Look out for this delicious fruit at Your Local Greengrocer today!

Mandarins from Queensland at the start of the Season!


Sweet new season Queensland Imperial Mandarins are making an appearance at your local greengrocer today! Red capsicum and cauliflower prices are still firm, but watch this space as they’re likely to drop over the coming weekend! Iceberg lettuce from the Lockyer Valley has started to roll into the Sydney Markets, the quality is improving and […]

Green is go on Capsicum!


Red capsicum are at a premium right now so look towards their healthy brother; green capsicum for a cheaper tasty alternative! Cooler weather continues to slow the production of your favourite produce. Zucchini prices will firm due to the cold front.    

Cold weather sweeps over cauliflower, leaves citrus to ripen!

Cold weather is sweeping over Victoria and Bathurst, bringing the fall in cauliflower supply and raising their prices. Don’t despair though, as on a sweeter note Imperial mandarins are now available on the market floor! They’re looking ripe and delicious packed full of your daily vitamins! Pick some up at your local greengrocer!